Partnerships with Parents & Carers

Establishing and developing relationships with parents and carers is a central part of our philosophy. It is important to us that all members of our community feel secure, supported and engaged in their learning and play. To achieve this, we establish trust and open communication with families so that there is a consistency in our approach. Children and adolescents learn best when the school and parents work together, and we value the contribution that parents make to our school. We endeavour to provide many opportunities where parents are involved in school life, such as SSGs, communication via Seesaw, surveys, classroom visits, parent morning groups, resource making, assemblies and celebrations at the school.

For our graduating students and those students who are in their final years of school, we regularly work in close communication with families and carers to provide the relevant support and understanding as to their child’s post school opportunities. Our aim is to support students, families, and carers to understand all their options, and assist in creating a conducive plan for when their child transitions out of school. We offer various options for students and families/carers to ascertain information, such as booklets of service providers, presentations by service providers, bus tours of service locations, and trial days for students at selected service locations.