School Council

School council members 2023


Elaine Quinn


School Council President
Demelza De'Marte


School Council Vice President
Dallas Fisher


School Council Treasurer
Adrian Egry


Parent School Council representatives
Demelza Demarte

Adrian Egry

Janice Aukuso

Dallas Fisher

Alan Henderson

Zoe Tolios


School representatives
Davina DMenzie
Holly Oakenful


Business Manager
Laura King



The following is a breakdown of the major school activities and the responsibilities for the School Council: 

  • Finance
  • Curriculum
  • Student management
  • Buildings and grounds
  • Staff employment and management
  • Strategic planning
  • Policy development and review

2023 School Council & Finance Committee Meeting Dates

Finance Committee & School Council Meetings

Term 1:
Tuesday, 21st February
Tuesday, 21st March

Term 2:
Tuesday, 23rd May
Tuesday, 20th June

Term 3:
Tuesday, 25th July
Tuesday, 22nd August

Term 4:
Tuesday, 24th October
Tuesday, 21st November
Tuesday, 12th December