Physical Education

The Physical Education program at Yarraville SDS provides its students with the ability to perform basic motor skills and movement patterns, with or without equipment, in a range of environments. Engaging in periods of moderate to vigorous physical activity, our students endeavor to understand the physical responses of their bodies to activity, and their feelings toward participation in such activities. When participating in Physical Education, our students begin to understand the importance in waiting their turn and following rules, as well as the necessity to share equipment and space safely.

To further add, the Physical Education program has incorporated some extracurricular activities. Such activities include:

  • YSDS Soccer Program: Since the beginning of 2015 some of our ‘middle aged’ students have participated in a weekly soccer session at Yarraville Glory Football Club (McIvor Reserve, Fogarty Ave., Yarraville) under the guidance of Coach Rob Sneddon. In this program, focus is made into our student’s skill development, physical fitness and knowledge of ‘team’ play.
  • YSDS Lawn Bowls Program: 2016 has seen the introduction of a weekly Lawn Bowls program for most of our students to participate in on a rotational basis. These sessions take place at Altona North Bowls Club under the coaching of long time lawn bowling legend, Gerry Carton.
  • SEDA Cricket Program: In Term 3 of 2016 all students at YSDS were fortunate enough to enjoy some one on one skill development and education into the fundamental skills involved in cricket.  A great event enjoyed by all!
  • All Abilities Lawn Bowls Program: 2015 & 2016 saw Yarraville SDS undertake a 4-week training program run by La Trobe students to then be further crowned ‘Victorian State Para Bowls Champions’ 2 years in a row!
  • Victoria University PE Programs: Working in close relations with Victoria University, Yarraville SDS students have for many years now, been fortunate enough to partake in modified activities and games run by the many students within the VU ‘Adapted Physical Education’ program.
  • Olympics Day: Term 3 of 2016 will see re-inauguration of the YSDS Olympics (Athletics) Day. Something which we aim to make an annual event.