Principal’s Message

We are extremely proud of what we do every day at Yarraville Special Developmental School.

Yarraville SDS caters for students aged from 5 to 18 years old with a diagnosis of moderate to severe intellectual disability. It has a current enrolment of 69 students.

The school is committed to providing a learning environment that values the ability and individuality of each student. Keeping the students in the centre, our dedicated staff members support our students to learn in ways that provide a basis for continued learning as they grow into safe, respectable and responsible citizens. The school provides a safe, stimulating and flexible learning environment by ensuring that students have access to tools, programs and resources that give them the best opportunity to engage and succeed in their learning.

We are committed to providing EVERY CHILD, EVERY OPPORTUNITY, EVERY DAY to maximise the potential of each and every student.

There is a friendly atmosphere within the school and parents are most welcome and vital partners in their children’s educational programs. RESPECT, SAFETY and RESPONSIBILITY is fundamental to learning, personal growth and quality relationships as staff, students and parents work together to achieve and celebrate ongoing success.

I look forward to discussing our school with you and your family.

Ashwini Sharma